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The next big thing in card games is Spades Plus game! Here, you can play against the computer or with your friends! It's as simple as that! The rules are the same as in the classic version – you have to win tricks in order to get points. Get the app and play Spades Plus free online with your friends and other players from all over the world.

This version differs from the original one in that the rules were changed to make the gameplay more challenging, and the scoring system was changed to make it more competitive.


It is a multiplayer card game where you play cards to the board with the aim of getting the highest card combination. Spades Plus play online is possible for two to four players, who are divided into two teams. The partner's cards are laid down together so that the opponents are not able to see the cards. 

In addition, Spades Plus online free mobile app has a good tutorial for beginners. The project can be played in three difficulty levels.


The following features make Spades Plus free game the best online Spades application.

  • Card graphics and animation effects;
  • Statistics of all games played;
  • Play online against the computer or human opponents;
  • Chat with your opponents;
  • Create private rooms and invite friends to participate;
  • Play Spades Plus on the go with the mobile app


To join in this game, you will need an Internet connection. This means Spades Plus download allows you to play against real people, not only computer. You can choose to compete with randomly matched players from all over the world, or you can compete with friends.


The interface is simple and intuitive, the design is beautiful, the operation is smooth, the game is very interesting and suitable for playing. You can easily learn how to participate in the game without any difficulties. Besides, Spades Plus game download and installation is also a piece of cake.


Choose from 4 modes – Classic, Solo, Whiz, or Mirror – and experience the thrill of playing the classic card game. In solo mode, you don’t have a partner. Each player gets his/her own points. 

Mirror mode is similar to Classic mode, but you bid the number of your cards with ♠ symbol in your hand. In Whiz mode, the number of spades in your hand will be your bid, and each spade-marked card will be worth a high score.


Can I download Spades Plus for free?

Yes, it is free to download and play. However, there are some in-app purchases, but you can do without them.

How to play free Spades Plus online?

Join by invite or create a room and share the link with your friends. First, the player with the highest spade is the first dealer. The player to the left of the dealer starts playing and in clockwise direction. You can also chat with people all around the world while playing.

Can I install Spades Plus on Windows PC?

You can download BlueStacks software and try to install this title on your PC. There are also apk files for windows pc, but be careful – there are many malware apps on the internet.


All in all, free Spades Plus app is a fun and exciting way to play the classic card game with friends and family. Play all of your favorite card games – Hearts, Euchre, and more! This fun, free card game features beautiful graphics, smooth gameplay, and an extensive collection of card decks.

Free Spades Plus for Windows PC